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Washington (metropolitan area) Week in Review

I felt sort of off-balance all last week. My involuntary day off last Monday and my visit to corporate headquarters on Tuesday got the week off to a very weird start, and I never quite recovered from it. Here's a quick overview of last week:

  1. My contract problems are... well, not resolved, exactly, but have receded into the background for the time being. Basically, the client added more money to my old contract while they try to straighten out the details of the new one. So I'm back at work and sitting pretty for at least the next couple of months. Yay!
  2. On Tuesday, my niece has yelled at me for wearing the wrong watch. Most days, I wear a cheap digital watch—five bucks at Wal-Mart—but I occasionally wear a nice silver dress watch. On Easter, my niece noticed me wearing the silver watch and asked me why I wasn't wearing the other watch. I explained that the one I was wearing was a special one that I only wore on special occasions. On Tuesday evening, sitting next to her on the sofa watching Brother Bear, she looked at my wrist, saw my normal digital watch, and asked, nay, demanded to know why I wasn't wearing the nice one. She's a harsh one.
  3. Saturday evening I got together with a bunch of TWoPers in DC to shoot some pool at Buffalo Billiards. I'm not a very good pool player, but I did OK. I won one game of eight-ball outright, by sinking my last solid and the eight ball consecutively, and won another accidentally when my opponent scratched on the eight. I lost another game (to persona) the same way. And I won two games of cut-throat, largely by being the least bad of the the people playing. The only disappointing part of the evening was the jukebox. Buffalo Billiards use to have a really good CD jukebox, but they've replaced that one with a new digital machine that theoretically has a wider selection, but in reality doesn't have nearly the same breadth of music, because it has only selected songs from any given album. For example, both the old and the new jukebox had Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits. On the old machine, I could have selected "Tusk." On the new one, I couldn't because they only had four of the sixteen songs on the album. Likewise, I couldn't choose one of my very favorite songs, "Twisting By the Pool," because even though the new machine claimed to have Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits, the jukebox only offered three songs: "Sultans of Swing," "Money For Nothing," and "Walk of Life." Good songs, all, but hardly the greatest song ever recorded. Sheesh.
  4. Speaking of CDs, I did a little shopping while I was down in Dupont Circle killing time before meeting the TWoPers at the pool hall. I bought three CDs: Mortal City by Dar Williams; Rufus Wainwright's 2001 album Poses (technically, it's the 2002 re-release); and Patty Griffin's new album, Impossible Dream. Interestingly, I probably would not have bought any of those three albums were it not for LiveJournal. rustydog recommended Williams's "The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis of a Co-Ed" (from Mortal City) and "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" (from Poses) to me a couple months ago; and hcwoodward introduced me to another song from Poses, "California," and recently she gushed about the greatness of the Griffin album. Good on them!
  5. I spend a fair amount of time Sunday reading Harry Potter fanfic. When the Webby Award nominees were announced last week, I noticed the Harry Potter fanfic site Fiction Alley among the nominees in the Community category, and was inspired to search for fanfic featuring (who else) Susan Bones. I found a grand total of two fics featuring my OTP: Friendship and Secrets and The Book of Morgan Le Fey. The former is gloriously bad in the way that only fanfic can be. You just don't find that kind of incompetent writing in bookstores or libraries. It's not the worst thing I've ever read—I read a horrid Ty/Alex Trading Spaces fic a few years ago, and I still have "fond" memories of a Lucky/Liz fic tivogoddess sent me some years ago, which featured Lucky beating a rapist's head against the "wal" of an "ally," rendering him "uncoincus"—but it's definitely the worst thing I've read this year. The other one is, so far, pretty good. I'm only about halfway through it—it's forty-one chapters long!—and while there are definitely some problems with it, it's still more enjoyable than not. I'm looking forward to finishing it, even though the Harry/Susan material is sort of a subplot. It's mostly an Ron/Hermione fic, but that's OK, because I'm firmly on board that ship.
  6. Speaking of Harry Potter fanfic, nocturne_alley has been really good lately. Don't you agree, butterfly?

Oh, and my lawsuit was dismissed. More on that later. Someone remind me if I forget.


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