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Seven random annotations

April 30: Dar Williams songs. I was looking up Dar Williams in the All-Music Guide, and it had a list of song highlights. So I just grabbed the first ten.

April 29: Doctor Who monsters. I was on my sofa, and looked over and saw the Talking Dalek toy my brother gave me for my birthday last year.

April 28: dactylic place names. OK, this one is a little complicated. I was listening to "Iowa (Traveling III)," a song on my new Dar Williams CD, and it occurred to me that while it was a very good song, it didn't really have that much to do with Iowa. It could have used any three syllable place name, as long as it the emphasis was on the first syllable. (It took me a while to remember the name of that particular metrical pattern, but it came to me eventually.) At first I was just going to use single place names, but when I actually started compiling the list, I decided it would be more interesting to choose place names consisting of two dactylic feet.

April 27: Best New Artist Grammy winners. I grabbed my copy of The Big Book of Show Business Awards and opened to a random page, which happened to be in the Grammy section. Then I flipped back and forth through that section to try to get a nicely varied date distribution.

April 26: films produced by World Wide Pictures. At a Presbytery meeting last month, I picked up a WWP brochure in the lobby of the church at which the meeting was held. I just took the first ten movies listed in the brochure.

April 25: facts about Leesburg. I picked up a fact sheet about the town at the Leesburg House and Garden Festival a couple of weeks ago, and grabbed every other fact starting with the first.

April 24: things like which there is nothing. As I explained when I posted it, I typed "there is nothing like" into Google. I have no idea what inspired me to do that.

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