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Luggage trauma

I was out for a walk this afternoon when, all of a sudden, my backpack fell off. Picking it up, I saw the right shoulder strap, by which I mean the strap that goes over my left shoulder, had separated from the backpack. Which wasn't that mysterious, because it had been in the process of separating for at least six months now. Nevertheless, it really had occurred to me that it might come clear off. I'm not that bright, you see.

Anyway, it still had one good strap, so I slung it over the other shoulder and continued on my way. But it felt very strange. I've been using backpacks for, I don't know, 26 years or so, and I've always, always slung them over my left shoulder (except of course when I used both straps). Carrying it on my right shoulder felt entirely unnatural. I think it's my most disturbing luggage-related experience since I lost my Ernst & Young luggage tag back in 2001.

Other than that, it was a nice little walk. It's been a good weekend, weather-wise. The days have been sunny and pleasant, and the evenings damp and less pleasant. I understand we're in for some thunderstorms tonight. Looks like I chose a good night to stay home. I just wish there was a new episode of Arrested Development. Oh well.

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