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The agency at which I work has flown into a tizzy over the spread of the Sasser Worm. Apparently we were not hit as badly by this worm as by the Blaster worm last year, but it's bad enough that my officemate has been pulled off her project temporarily to assist with the remediation effort underway in the call center.

I'm not particularly sympathetic toward those who have been infected, insofar as this worm exploits a vulnerability in Windows for which Microsoft released a patch more than two weeks ago. In other words, if you were infected, it's your own fault.

I'm using a new icon on this post, but it is not a gratuitous icon post, because I decided to write the post before I decided to make the icon. It is somewhat gratuitous, however, in that I'm experimenting to see how well LiveJournal deals with a certain HTML tag. Call it a GEP, I guess.

ETA: It deals with that tag very poorly. Drat.

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