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Via pomobarney:

Stormknight's LiveJournal Auto-Hero. Click here to get your own!

You know, I don't know of any super-heroes or super-viilains with elastic powers who can also fly under their own power. I suppose Chameleon Boy could turn himself into, I don't know, a Grxyorian Elastobird or something, but I don't think that counts. Oh wait, I just thought of one! Amazo. And the Martian Manhunter, I guess. And the Composite Superman. And the Parasite, if he absorbed the powers of, say, Plastic Man and Superman.

But other than those five, it's a totally unique combination of powers!

Added May 5: It looks as though the autohero generator has gone bye-bye. I wish I could remember all my attributes, but alas I cannot. I remember my agility and intelligence were both very high, and that my powers included stretchibility, drain powers, and flight.

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