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This site is certified 45% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 55% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Hmm. My journal is quite a lot more evil than I would have suspected. Ironic, given that my most recent post before this one was a list of different churches I've attended over the years, and the one before that has quotes from not one but two different hymns. I guess I can take comfort in knowing that my journal is less evil than the web site of my church, which is a whopping 56% evil.

Speaking of good people, I had a rather nice encounter with one earlier this evening. Because of a dental appointment this morning, I worked late. I left the office a few minutes after six, and got on the subway to catch the last bus to Leesburg, which would leave the West Falls Church Metrorail station at 7:00 PM. I thought I'd left myself plenty of time to get there, but I wasn't counting on the train sitting on the platform at L'Enfent Plaza for fifteen minutes. There was no way I would get to West Falls Church before seven. Nevertheless, I wasn't particularly worried, because I knew that the bus almost always ran at least ten minutes late.

The train pulled into West Falls Church a few minutes after seven, and I hurried out to the bus stop. There was only one person waiting there; not a good sign. Like me, she'd been stuck on the train. We waited there for about 20 minutes before accepting that we had missed the bus. Damn it! Of all the days to run on schedule! I was about to head back into the station to try to call my brother, but my fellow bus-misser said that if she could reach her husband, they'd give me a ride back to Leesburg. That in itself would have been pretty nice, but since they lived in Ashburn, they actually went out of their way to take me home. Cool!

This is shaping up to be a fairly uneventful weekend. I have some shopping to do to prepare for my trip next week, and I really need to do some loads of laundry. It's the kind of fun that isn't!

Hey, don't forget to try your hand at my lyrics quiz! Half the lyrics remain unidentified, so have it!

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