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My exciting life

This turned out to be a nicely productive weekend. Or more precisely, a nicely productive Sunday and a mostly unproductive but very relaxing Saturday. I had planned to spend most of the day Saturday running errands, and while I got off to a good start—an early morning visit to the DMV and a quick trip to Wal-Mart to buy a new straw hat—by 10:30 I was back home reading Jesus In America (an interesting history of how the public image of Jesus Christ has been shaped by the popular culture of the day) and listening to Wait, Wait … Don't Tell Me! on the radio.

By 12:30, I had found a couple things in the book I wanted to do a little further reading on, so I decided to drive out to Waterford to check out what resources we had available in the church library. I could have just gone to the public library in Leesburg, but it was a nice afternoon and I thought a short drive in the country might be nice, and that I might later take a stroll through the village. When I got up to the church, I was surprised to find the parking lot full of cars and the lawn strewn with junk. I had forgotten that the PWOC was holding a yard sale that afternoon. I browsed through the stuff for sale, chatted with some other church members who were there, and then, on hearing that the sale was ending in about an hour, found myself offering to stick around to help carry the tables back into the church. D'oh! Sometimes I'm too nice for my own good.

Once I got back to Leesburg, I made a quick stop at home for dinner, and then walked up to Starbucks to have some Passion Iced Tea Lemonade (technically, it's iced tisane, but that's not what it says on the menu) and read some Harry Potter fanfic I had printed out. It's a little strange that I like hanging out at Starbucks even though I don't like coffee. I do like the smell of coffee, though, and the chairs are comfy, and it gets me out of the house. I stayed there until the sun started to set. a breeze had come up, and the temperature had dropped by several degrees, so I took a ridiculously roundabout route home to prolong the walk.

Having skived off Saturday, I managed to make the most of Sunday. After church, I made a quick trip to the outlet mall and bought a new pair of sneakers. I think they're a season or two out of style, but I like them. My feet aren't quite used to them yet, but I'll get them broken in pretty quickly. Then it was off to Sterling to buy some vacation clothes for my trip next week. Shorts and shirts mostly, plus a new pair of swimming trunks. I'll be quite the fashion plate. And then I went home and did two loads of laundry while watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Ah, the swinging life of a 36-year-old bachelor.

The rest of the week isn't likely to be much more exciting. I have more laundry to do this evening, and I need to pack. Every time I take a trip I say that this time I won't wait until the night before I leave to pack … and then I wait until the night before to pack. Maybe this will be the time!

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