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Florida pictures: Key West

If there was any one thing that proved I was vacationing with the right people, it was that we all agreed that it would be a good idea to drive from Fort Lauderdale down to Key West. Given that I've been on trips with people who thought it unreasonable to drive eleven miles from Chapel Hill to Durham to see a movie, it's really sort of remarkable that all four of us thought nothing of making a 400 mile round trip for no particular reason.

Since I was navigating, I insisted that the first thing we had to do was drive to the end of US 1. One of my goals is to drive the entire length of US 1, from Key West all the way up to Fort Kent, Maine. (I did sort of a test run in 2001, when I drove on US 1 from Washington, DC, to Iselin, New Jersey.) Now I know where to start. Or, possibly, end.



I also know where to go to find wild chickens, and where to surf the Internet while eating key lime pie.



After we finished checking our e-mail and eating our pie, we went to find a place to see one of the famous Key West sunsets. We were kicked out of our first choice—it turned out to be a private beach, open only to guests of a resort— so we found a small public beach that was not quite so well maintained but nevertheless served the purpose well.

Key West sunset

Key West sunset

Key West sunset

Key West sunset

Key West sunset

Key West sunset

After the sun went down, we had a light dinner at a Cuban restaurant and followed it up with a surprise trip to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. (It was a surprise because I had checked a phone book when we stopped for gas and had found no listing for a Ben and Jerry's on Key West. Stupid phone book!)

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