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Florida pictures: Monkey Jungle

On the way down to the Keys, we stopped at a venerable South Florida tourist attraction, Monkey Jungle, also known (to me only) as Monkey Island.

Welcome to Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle is home to hundreds of primates, most of which roam freely through the park. Visitors wander through the park under caged-in pathways. At various points throughout the park, small dishes dangle from long chains attached to the top of the cages; the monkeys sit atop the cages waiting for visitors to place food in the dishes—raisins and dried cranberries can be purchased in the gift shop—and use the chains to pull the dishes up to the roof of the cage. It's fun to watch, but also kind of sad. It's like watching a junkie jonesing for a fix. But when there were no feeding dishes nearby, the monkeys pretty much just ignored the humans.


two monkeys

That's not to say that the monkeys weren't curious when something unexpected showed up. Go monkeys, choose Anya!

Anya meets the monkeys

Monkey Jungle is also home to an orangutan. He had the good sense to hunker down out of the sun, which made him rather difficult to see if you didn't know exactly where to look. I doubt I would have seen him at all had I not wander over to see why another tourist was seemingly taking a picture of nothing.

wide shot of the oranguatan enclosure

close-up of the oranguatan

In addition to the monkeys, Monkey Jungle also has a bunch of rescued parrots and several iguanas.


In all, Monkey Jungle was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting something sort of tacky and stupid, but it was actually pretty cool.

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