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Ten random things: May 30

Ten more words or names used by A.S. Byatt in Possession that I had to look up the definition of:

  1. perspicuous (Clearly expressed or presented; easy to understand)
  2. Aneurin Bevan (Welsh Labour politician, created National Health Service)
  3. panniers (a pair of packs or baskets hung over the rear wheel of a bicycle)
  4. flageolet (a small fipple flute resembling the treble recorder)
  5. phalanstery (A self-sustaining cooperative community of the followers of Fourierism)
  6. matutinal (of, relating to, or occurring in the morning)
  7. inditing (to put down in writing)
  8. coppice (a thicket or grove of small trees)
  9. Charlotte M. Yonge (Victorian novelist (1823 – 1901))
  10. Angela Brazil (Victorian novelist of stories for girls)

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