March 30th, 2002


Oh, the irony

While running errands earlier today, I was listening to the radio -- WINC-FM, "the best songs on the radio!" Except not. This weekend they're playing tribute to the 1980s. I turned it off when they referred to the 80s as "the greatest decade," a claim so patently false that one hardly knows where to begin. Anyone who thinks the 80s was the greatest decade is stupid.

So I looked for my CD wallet, but it wasn't in the car; eventually I remembered taking it into my apartment last week. The only CD I had in the car was a mix I had burned that contained, exclusively, music from, yes, the 80s. In my defense, it's all *good* music from the 80s, which, despite its claim to the contrary, cannot be said of the 80s songs I heard on WINC-FM. They played "Manic Monday," for God's sake. And "Safety Dance." Whereas I was listening to XTC and Michelle Shocked. I won't pretend that all of the seventeen songs on my CD were better than the first seventeen 80s songs I heard on WINC-FM -- "She Drives Me Crazy" has not aged well, whereas "What You Need" is a great song -- but on balance I think my choices were superior to theirs.

One might well ask why I put a song I don't really like much, like "She Drives Me Crazy," on a CD that I created for myself. Rest assured that I had a good reason, but it's too complicated to get into right now.

Digital goodness

I have digital cable now! So I'm celebrating by watching The Sting on TCM. I really should go to bed, since I have to get up at 5:45 tomorrow morning. Freaking sunrise service. But it's such a good movie!

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Congratulations, you're rickets!

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You're not very prevalent in affluent societies any more - but don't worry, there's always the third world!

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Heh. Rickets. That's like one step up from "the vapors."