October 5th, 2002


(no subject)

The performance went well last night. I won't claim I sang every note and every word correctly, but I hit a very respectable precentage. The tenor soloist cracked a bit, and one of the lighting cues of off, requiring us to sing the first verse of one of our songs without being able to read the music. Also, it was really freaking hot on stage. I'm wearing shorts today. (Under my robe, that is.)

Decided to skip the Fair this morning to stay home and perform various TV-related tasks. I set up my tertiary VCR in my bedroom so I could dub a copy of the season premiere of The West Wing for someone. Then I sat down and watched Alyson Hannigan on The Caroline Rhea Show and Anthony Stewart Head on So Graham Norton. The former was fabulous -- Aly is SO CUTE! -- but the latter was not so much. I'm not a fan of Graham Norton, and I've now determined not even ASH can overcome that. Could Aly? Possibly. We'll see how she does on Last Call with Carson Daly next week.

Speaking of ASH, I also watched an episode of Manchild. I kind of have mixed feelings about Manchild; I don't dislike it, and I've seen some episodes I really like, but other ones I just feel very eh about. This was one of the eh episodes. An eh-pisode, if you will.

OK, the dubbing is done! Off to the post office!