December 27th, 2002


Christmas After Day

I celebrated the day after Christmas by doing something I'd not done for a very long time: I slept in for as long as I wanted. Very nice.

Aside from a shopping trip with my dad to buy discounted Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and ornaments, and an afternoon visit from some old family friends, it was a very relaxing day. Especially if your definition of "relaxing" encompasses spending three hours trying to transfer an Outlook Express inbox from one computer to another. It's a frustrating process, and so far nothing has worked. I'm about to try another approach, but I'm not optimistic. And to think that it would have been so simple if I'd only thought to bring a copy of Microsoft Office with me. What was I thinking?

On the plus side, I was able to successfully set up the printer, and import the address book from the old computer, so the evening wasn't a complete failure.
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Here I come to save the day!

I am a super-hero!

Karate Chimp
Power(s): Extra-dimensional travel, Luck, Electrical generation/control
Source of powers: Radiation
Weapon: Gyrochain
Transportation: Terrawings

Karate Chimp is a member of the Delta Rangers of Paris

I am a super-villain!

Lurking Terrorist
Power(s): Cold generation
Source of powers: Psychic
Weapon: Kryptonite Slingshot
Transportation: Flaming Tricycle

The Lurking Terrorist is a member of the Aristocratic Six.

I am a comic book geek!

I was (apparently) the only person at this afternoon's screening of Catch Me If You Can who understood the significance of the name "Barry Allen," which the Leonardo DiCaprio character adopted as an alias at one point. At least, I was the only person who understood the significance and thought it was funny enough to laugh at.
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