February 27th, 2003



I was very sad to hear on NPR this morning that Fred Rogers passed away. Of course I was a fan of his show when I was a wee bairn, and later as an education major I came to appreciate his philosophy toward working with pre-school children. And as a lifelong Presbyterian, it always gave me a strange thrill of pride to hear him described as a Presbyterian minister.

I made a bunch of Mr. Rogers icons this morning; feel free to take one if you feel the urge.

Fred Rogers   Fred Rogers   Fred Rogers   Fred Rogers   Fred Rogers
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I am melon, hear me roar

Which Kogepan Are You?

I love Kogepan! It's not easy to find Kogepan items here in the States. I guess the concept is just to weird for American audiences. Also, it seems to me that Sanrio has a stranglehold on the cute Japanese cartoon characters market, making it difficult for San-X characters to make an impact.

I think the description given for Melon fits me pretty well. I like to think of my self as nice and smart, at any rate. And I kind of look like Melon, too! Observe:

Separated at birth?
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