April 11th, 2003


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This has been one of the least productive days in history.

I normally go to Healthy Inspirations for weigh-ins on Saturday mornings, but because I'm going out of town this weekend, I decided to go this morning instead. Unfortunately, they don't open until 8 AM, so I didn't get into the office until a little after 10 AM. Two hours later, I left to meet an old friend over at Union Station for lunch. I got back to my desk at 2:30, and in two hours I'm leaving for the airport. And now I'm writing about my lack of productivity, which is not unproductive exactly but is arguably not the best use of my limited time here at the office.

Oh well. I can live with that.
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From the Office of the Homeland Security Director

Behold, the "Create Your Own Terror Warning" generator

From the Office of the Homeland Security Director
Apr 11, 2003

I have just concluded a conference call with the nation's insurance commissioners to let them know what I'm about to share with the people of Leesburg, VA. I might add, I also wanted to commend them for their work in improving and strengthening homeland security since the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Collapse )

Thanks to alykat for showing me this.

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A city divided

I'm here at the L'Enfant Plaza Metrorail station, waiting for the yellow line train that will take me to the airport, but I can tell that the next train to arrive will be a green line train. I'm ashamed to say how I know, but it's a fact of life here in Washington DC. If there are more whites than blacks waiting on the platform, the next train will be yellow, bound for the majority white Virginia suburbs. If there are more blacks than white, the next train will definitely be green, headed into southeast DC and PG County, both majority black. It's sad that in 2003, the racial lines in Washington DC remain so starkly drawn, and sadder that I can't imagine this changing in my lifetime.

Presidents Day

Flying from Washington DC to Houston, Texas, is no fun if you're a Democrat. I left this afternoon from Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport, and will arrive in an hour or so at George Bush Intercontinental. Oh, the ignominity of it all!

Houton diary I

Well, here I am in Houston. I can't say I'm overwhelmed. I've been to airports much nicer than this one. It's got that late 60s-early 70s institutional look to it: concrete pillars, faux granite floors, ugly acoustical tile. It's very generic. Granted, not every airport can be as interesting as McCarran in Las Vegas, which was my last "new" airport, but they could at least make a little effort to wow the tourists. OK, they've got the statue of George Bush, but that didn't really impress me much.