April 12th, 2003


Houston diary II

I left the baggage claim area last night expecting to find jennlynnster waiting for me. And yet I didn't see her car anywhere. I waited a few minutes, then called her cell phone to check on her ETA. Turns out she was nowhere near the airport, and in fact had no intention of coming to the airport. But, she assured me, someone was on the way, and she vowed to call me back as soon as she found out who.

A few minutes later, she called to tell me that kariyaki was on her way, in a small truck. A few minutes later, I was surprised to see kariyaki standing next to a gold sedan. Hmm. Was jennlynnster trying to keep me away?

Soon enough, kariyaki and I made it to Jasie's house. Jennlynnster was there, with nongenius, rustydog, realtome and the First Eva, spazdog, dynagirl, and of course Jasie. I made myself a salad -- with rusty's able assistance -- and we all retired to the pool house to watch the worst game of pool in history and watch Psycho Beach Party.

We paused the tape when omyhinkle and her friend Jonathan showed up, and I took advantage of that to go to bed. It was only 2 AM, but having come from the eastern time zone to the central, my internal clock was telling me it was almost 3 AM. I'm a old man, I can't stay up that late!

I got up this morning about 8, well before anyone else (aside from Jasie's parents). I took a walk, ate some breakfast, sat on a swing under a tree and read a couple of short stories by Richard Russo, and watched Jasie's dad do an unspeakable act to a male calf. Not sure what the plan is for this afternoon, but now that everyone seems to be up and about, I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.
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Houston diary III

I am sore. After a delicious dinner of fajitas and grilled vegetables prepared by Jasie's dad, we hit the sand pit for a vigorous game of volleyball. jennlynnster, nongenius, realtome (a.k.a. smash), omyhinkle's friend Jonathan and I formed Team O'Crap; kariyaki, Jasie, Jasie's friend Tara, *ahem*, and the First Eva comprised Team Overshare. My team was clearly outclassed -- both Tara and Eva clearly had played competitively -- but luckily we forgot to keep score.

We rewarded ourselves after the game with s'mores, margaritas, and a pagan ceremony designed to give smash a fresh start to her 30th birthday, which thus far has by most accounts been unimpressive. Following the snacks, we retired to the poolhouse to make Buffy-themed charm bracelets (courtesy dynagirl) and to watch Say Anything... and a few episodes of Buffy. Fun!
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