May 5th, 2003

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Watch it!

Last year, I saw a fabulous and funny movie called The Independent. It's a mock documentary starring Jerry Stiller as a B-movie producer -- think Russ Meyer or Roger Corman -- approaching the end of his career, facing bankruptcy but still desperate to finish one last movie and gain a bit of mainstream success. It's not quite as sharp a satire as This is Spinal Tap or Waiting For Guffman, but it is very funny and even a little touching, and anyone who loves movies, especially schlocky B-movies in the Troma vein -- paulcurtis, I'm looking at you -- should see it. Unfortunately, it never got wide release, and it's yet to be released on DVD or VHS.

But it is going to be on TV. Yay! The Independent will be aired tonight, May 5, at 8 PM ET, and tomorrow, May 6, at 3 PM ET, on Comedy Central. Yes, it will be interrupted by commercials. Yes, some of the dirty words will be bleeped out. But I don't care. I've been waiting for more than a year for an opportunity to see it again, and it's finally here. So watch it. Trust me, it's much better than Everwood or Fear Factor.
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Ultra-hard space quiz

On May 5, 1961, Alan B. Shepard became the first American to travel in space. In honor of that achievement, here is my ultra-hard space quiz.

Poll #131621 jheaton

1. Name every person elected to Congress who has traveled in space.

2. Name the astronaut who graduated from the same college as I.

That's it! Post your answers in a comment if you can't use the form. First person to answer both questions correctly will win a prize. For real!
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