July 10th, 2003


Fits me to a tea

You are Peppermint Tea!
You are Peppermint tea! Lots of people like
peppermint tea, it's always sold out in the
market. Not quite run of the mill with your
unique zingy mintiness, you are still in a
group of large people. Not boring...yet not
over ecstatic.

Which flavor of tea are you? (with images)
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Coincidentally, I'm drinking peppermint tea right now. It's tasty!

(Actually, it's completely not coincidental. When I bought lunch I got peppermint tea to drink because I had already taken the quiz. Normally I would have gotten raspberry herb tea. On the other hand, I had raspberry tea this morning, so maybe I would have gotten peppermint tea regardless. One never knows about such things.)