July 31st, 2003



Why didn't anyone mention the photo I posted yesterday was deformed? Stupid FTP program that defaults to ASCII transfer mode. I fixed it, so if you want to see what my nephew looks like with the top of his head attached to the rest of his body now's your chance.

Speaking of uploads, I just put up a new default icon. Sharp-eyed readers may notice that this new icon bears a slight resemblance to that of shannon_a. But really, they're quite different. For one thing, he has a beard. And his cat is much bigger.

The cat, by the way, is my brother's. His name is Benjamin. The cat, not my brother.



Since people seem to like pictures of kittens, I uploaded a few more pictures of Benjamin. He's a cute little thing, though I seem to be slightly more allergic to him than to the other two cats. Or maybe it's just that with three cats, there are now enough allergens in the house to trigger a reaction. A very mild reaction, but a noticeable one.
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    Al Stewart - "Year of the Cat"