March 30th, 2004

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Ten random things: March 30

Ten headlines from the Spring 2004 edition of Presbytery Connector:

  1. NCP Churches Observe Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Holy Week in Diverse Ways
  2. Presbytery says, "Thank you, Cindy"
  3. Glenkirk—Gearing up for Summer and Open for Counselor Applications
  4. Presbyterian Women—Their Special Place in the Body of Christ
  5. NCP Concurs with Baltimore Overture
  6. Indonesian Church Leaders Killed in Car Accident
  7. University of Maryland Chapel Choir Returns
  8. Presbytery Receives Honor
  9. Responses to The Passion of the Christ
  10. Spirituality Theme Attracts Crowds to Big Event
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This past weekend was busier than usual, thanks to my dad and stepmother being in town. Here's the short version:

  • Friday night, we — we being my brother and sister-in-law, my two nieces, my dad and stepmother, and I — celebrated my birthday at Tup Tim Thai, a Thai restaurant in Sterling I'd been meaning to try. The food was good, but the service was spotty.
  • Saturday afternoon, we — which in this context means the seven people I mentioned above plus my nephew — drove out to Charles Town, West Virginia, to see the house my brother and sister-in-law recently purchased. It's pretty cool, not to mention enormously large. It needs a lot of renovation, but when all the work is done it's going to be truly spectacular. Afterwards, we had dinner at John's Family Restaurant, which is widely regarded as one of the finest restaurants in Rippon, W.V.
  • On Sunday, my nieces were baptized. The service was particularly interesting for me, in that it was only the second time I've ever attended a service presided over by a bishop. This probably doesn't seem particularly interesting to anyone who has ever been a member of a church with an episcopal structure, but we Presbyterians don't have bishops. The rest of the service was nice too, though I always find it a little odd to attend a church service in a school auditorium, as this one was. (Not that I've attended many services in school auditoriums. I think this was my second.)
  • And then I took my parents to the airports, and when I got home I watched Arrested Development. K, maybe that one's not quite in the same league as the others. But it was a good episode.
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