June 18th, 2004


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Well, it's 12:15 AM, so I'm probably the very first person to do this:

Happy birthday, rustydog!

I would like to take this opportunity to share an anecdote about the first time I met rusty, but the truth is that I have no memory of it. My understanding is that we were both at rocknrollgidget's Pop Culture Palace at the same time back in April 2002; nevertheless, when I saw her in L.A. in July of that same year, I thought I was meeting her for the first time. It seems sort of unfair that I have vivid memories of meeting people I don't like at all, yet have no memory whatsoever of meeting someone I like as much as I like rusty. But at least I got a moderately interesting anecdote out of it.

And yes, I realize that from rusty's perspective, it's not yet her birthday. But it is her birthday here in Virginia, so there.
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Ten random things: June 18

Ten television shows that aired on the DuMont network:
  1. Monodrama Theater
  2. Night Editor
  3. The Plainclothesman
  4. Rocky King, Detective
  5. Cavalcade of Stars
  6. Life is Worth Living
  7. Captain Video
  8. Down You Go
  9. They Stand Accused
  10. Small Fry Club
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