October 16th, 2004


The march of time

I was at the Giant tonight, and what do I see but Christmas merchandise. About 128 shelf-feet of it, if I counted correctly. On October 15. That's just not right.

Of course, I've been rehearsing Christmas music since September, but the concerts arent until December 11 and 12. And I've put in a couple of hours working on my Advent project, but I won't roll it out until the first Sunday of Advent, November 28. I have no problem with Giant getting ready for the holiday season, but couldn't they at least keep the stuff in the store room until, say, after Hallowe'en?
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Ten random things: October 16

Ten recipients of the James Smithson Society's Founders Medal:

  1. Marvin Breckinridge Patterson
  2. James A. and Barbara H. Block
  3. Edward Ward Bitter
  4. Professor Ikuo Hirayama
  5. Mr. Mercer Ellington
  6. Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod
  7. Enid A. Haupt
  8. William S. Anderson
  9. Gaylord and Dorothy R. Donnelley
  10. John H. Phipps

The James Smithson Society is for people who give a lot of money to the Smithsonian Institution. (Or, in their words, "who best understand and support the Institution’s work.") The Founders Medal is for people who give a lot of money to the Smithsonian. And God bless 'em for it.

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