November 24th, 2004

10-J, 10-M

Ten random things: November 24

Ten major events that occured during the Presidency of Harry Truman:

  1. Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  2. First fully electronic digital computer built
  3. Alger Hiss tried on charges of spying for the Soviet Union
  4. British India divided into independent nations of India and Pakistan
  5. Brooklyn Dodgers sign Jackie Robinson
  6. Israel founded
  7. Greek Civil War ends
  8. People's Republic of China founded
  9. First nationwide telecast
  10. Elizabeth II crowned Queen of England

One fun way to make yourself feel old is to think of something that happened X years before you were born, and compare that to something that happened the same number of years before the birth of a child born this year. For example, Truman left the White House in 1953, fifteen years before I was born. So for someone born in 2004, the Presidency of Ronald Reagan is as far removed as Harry Truman's was from mine. See? Fun. Now excuse me while I go chase those darn kids off my lawn.

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Context will you you every time

Espied this evening in my daily Google Alert for "arrested development" and fox:

...lamented "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" comes back to Fox Broadcasting this...

Woo hoo! Unfortunately, in context the news is less exciting:

The creator of the late, lamented "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" comes back to Fox Broadcasting this winter with a new sitcom, "Life on a Stick" ...


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