December 9th, 2004


Grammy nominations

Grammy nominations! First the bad news: I received no nominations, despite having released an album during the eligibility period. I blame The Man.

So with that out of the way, I'll do my traditional rundown of the nominees. That is, I'll read through the list and comment on those things that catch my eye, and ignore the rest.

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And that's all I got. Winners announced February 13, 2005!

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Having checked the Grammy nominees (using Paul Gillespie's fabulous awards database) going all the way back to 1959, I've determined that this is indeed the first time that the Record of the Year and Song of the Year categories had no nominees in common. And while I'm at it, I may as well mention that those two categories have never had all nominees in common.
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A couple of silly memes

My Harry Potter Meta Adventure by mctabby
Favorite HP Character
So one day I wrote a rant abouthow Wormtail's silver hand could kill Lupin
and how this relates towhy Sirius/Remus is so canon
and I got this many comments:106
Then along camegeorgevna
who said:"But what about Cho Chang?"
So then Irealised the error of my ways
and blamed everything onhcwoodward
andnow I'm a BNF!
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I don't know exactly how this thing works, but I get different results if I use all lowercase letters. Interesting.

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
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11 jenelopes a-calling.
10 rustydogs a-commenting.
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7 mistagoalies a-milking.
6 hcwoodwards a-gyrating.
5 copper pidgehusses.
4 dialing amandajane5s.
3 Thai astrablues.
2 gerbil ghoulchicks.
And a brooding_soul in a papaya tree.
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In my opinion, the plural of caerwynx should be "caerwynices."

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