January 11th, 2005

10-K, 10-B

Ten random things: January 11

Ten boxing weight limits:

  1. Lightweight: 135 lbs.
  2. Straw weight: 105 lbs.
  3. Junior Welterweight: 140 lbs.
  4. Junior Bantamweight:115 lbs.
  5. Light Heavyweight: 175 lbs.
  6. Junior Flyweight: 108 lbs.
  7. Bantamweight: 118 lbs.
  8. Junior Lightweight:130 lbs.
  9. Junior Middleweight:154 lbs.
  10. Cruiserweight: 190 lbs.

Thanks to Schott's Original Miscellany by Ben Schott, an essential volume for the aspiring know-it-all.

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Inessential news

Today's least essential news story, from People Online: “Jessica Simpson Speaks of Brad-Jen Split.” I refuse to provide a link to it.

Speaking of inessential news, the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations were announced this morning, which would normally be a cause for rejoicing, but I’m having trouble mustering much enthusiasm for any of the entertainment awards this year. I haven’t seen any of the nominated performances, nor do I feel any particular urge to see any of them. There are several nominees I would mind seeing—Sideways, Ray, Million Dollar Baby, maybe a couple others—but I don’t want to see them badly enough to, you know, see them.

The TV nominees are somewhat more interesting. Among the drama series nominees, the only one of the nominated performers I saw during the eligibility period was Jerry Orbach. I like Jerry Orbach, and he was always a pleasure to watch on Law & Order, but I can’t help think that his nomination this year had less to do with his performace than with his dying ten days before the nominations were due.

Among the comedy nominees, I find myself torn between rooting for Jason Bateman of Arrested Development and Tony Shaloub of Monk. I agree with tomthedog that Monk has been weak this year, but Shaloub is still wonderful in the title role. But since Arrested Development is one of the few TV shows for which I currently can muster any enthusiasm—the seeminly interminable Gilmore Girls hiatus has leached away much of my interest in that show, though I imagine that will change once they start showing some new episodes—so I will throw my support behind Jason Bateman. And AD gets my vote in the ensemble category, if for no reason than that I’m completely indifferent to two of the other nominees and actively dislike the other two.
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A great idea I just had

You know what I'd really like to hear? A cover of Dire Straits's “Twisting by the Pool” performed by a ska band. They could call it “Skankin' by the Pool.”
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Nar nar nar

The UPN affiliate here in the D.C. area is pre-empting tonight's new episode of Veronica Mars tonight to show a Maryland-Wake Forest basketball game. And they won't be showing the pre-empted episode until Sunday. I most heartily disapprove!

No Scrubs tonight either. And Gilmore Girls is a rerun. Man, what's this world coming to?

On the plus side, though, the afternoon TBS showed the first episode of the second season of The Drew Carey Show, which featured the first and best of the elaborate production numbers staged by the cast: The Vogues's “Five O’Clock World,” which was later edited down to serve as the show's title sequence. It's a wonderful piece of work, and watching it never fails to put a smile on my face. Especially the part with Christa Miller in white go-go boots. None of the show's subsequent production numbers ever came close to equalling this one (though I did like seeing Miller wearing Janet's costume from The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the “Time Warp”/“Shake Your Groove Thing” showdown that closed the second season).
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Something's missing

I just caught a promo spot celebrating the tenth anniversay of the WB, featuring attractive stars from some of their notable shows. Said shows included Gilmore Girls, Reba, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, What I Like About You, Angel, and Smallville. Yep, that's pretty much all of them. Certainly there's no groundbreaking, popular, critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning series missing from that list.

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