February 27th, 2005

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Oscar thought

Consider the following Oscar nominees:

  • Paul Newman, The Color of Money
  • Dustin Hoffman, Rain Man
  • Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men
  • Holly Hunter, The Firm
  • Cuba Gooding, Jr., Jerry Maguire
  • Ken Watanabe, The Last Samurai
  • Jamie Foxx, Collateral

I'm not saying that Paul Newman owes his Oscar to Tom Cruise, but it does appear that if you act in a movie with Tom Cruise, you have a reasonably good chance of getting an Academy Award nomination. Something to think about during the montages tonight.

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Oscar thought #2

I didn't think it was possible to make the red carpet coverage any more pointless and stupid, but amazingly Star Jones has pulled it off. And my God, why did she allow her worst enemy to pick her dress?
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Oscar thought #3

Like all red carpet coverage, the "official" red carpet coverage on ABC is a worthless waste of time. But hearing Chris Connolley start his interview with Orlando Bloom by saying, "way before you were a movie star, you were a serious actor," that makes it perhaps slightly less worthless than the rest.
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Oscar thoughts #5

I'm disappointed that they didn't show the sock scene from Million Dollar Baby when they announced the Best Supporting Actor nominees. That may have been my favorite part of the movie.

I wonder why they played the theme to Star Trek: The Motion Picture going into the first commercial break? Yes, it was an Oscar-nominated score, but it still seems like an odd choice.
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Oscars thoughts #6

They're presenting the makeup award from the floor instead from the stage? That's bizarre. And they're not letting the winners go up on stage? That's not very nice.

If Drew Barrymore is going to move her head around that much, she shouldn't have worn dangly earrings.

I disapprove of the posture of some of those choristers. How do they expect to get good tone when they're sitting slumped over like that?
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Oscar thoughts #7

I love Albert Brooks.

JHeaton: "Man, this must really be a loser award if they're presenting it from the balcony." Scarlett Johannsen: "I had the honor of presenting the Scientific and Technical Awards." And let me take this opportunity to renew my objection to the Academy's practice of presenting the scientific and technical Oscars at a separate ceremony. If they want to give out the plaques and certificates elsewhere, that's fine, but if the award is an Oscar statuette, it should be presented at the main ceremony.

They sure didn't show much of Sophie Okonedo's performance in her clip.
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Oscar thoughts #8

Nice tribute to Johnny Carson. You know, they gave two honorary Oscars to Bob Hope for hosting the Academy Awards; I wonder why they never did the same for Johnny?

Adam Duritz didn't sound quite right. John thinks he had a cold.

Hey, where's Catherine Zeta-Jones? I guess if I had to appear with Adam Sandler, I'd skip the ceremony too.

I generally prefer the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, but I have to say that Melissa Gilbert is way hotter than Frank Pierson.

Vin Diesel looks strange with hair.

Oscars thoughts #9

The dog's bollocks. That's just excellent.

By the way, I'm doing incredibly poorly on my predictions tonight. I got the Animated Short winner right, though, so at least I got that going for me.
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Oscars thoughts #10

Bizarrely, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing is the only category in which I saw all of the nominees. This is the first year since 1993 that I didn't see all the Best Picture nominees. I was thinking about seeing a 10:30 showing of Finding Neverland last night, but then I realized that if I did, I wouldn't get home until 12:30 AM, and decided that on balance, I'd rather be at home in bed.

What's with all the wierd off-screen noises tonight?

Very few of the Documentary Short Subject nominees applauded for the other nominees. Strange.

"Thanks. Gracias. Ciao!" Wow, the Best Song winner is trilingual!
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Oscars thoughts #11

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: it's really odd that the Foreign Language Film Oscar is awarded to the country in which the film was produced.

I just realized that they haven't shown any clips from the Best Picture nominees. Interesting.

Jamie Foxx does a pretty good Sidney Poitier impersonation. Something to keep in mind for when they make Sidney.
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Oscars thoughts #12

Julia Roberts has baby boobies.

I redeemed myself a bit at the end, but I still did rather poorly on my predictions: 11 categories correct out of 24. Those I guessed correctly: Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Animated Feature, Cinematography, Costume Design, Directing, Foreign Language Film, Picture, Animated Short Film, and Adapted Screenplay.

For the record, I think the best film won this year. That's kind of a switch.
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