April 4th, 2005

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Ten random things: April 4

Ten questionable names for the next pope:

  1. Pope Onan
  2. Pope Osama
  3. Pope Diddy
  4. Popa Fett
  5. Pope Shaft
  6. Notorious P.O.P.
  7. Pope Britney
  8. Pope Voldemort
  9. Pope Baal
  10. Pope John Paul II II

Thanks to Lori (no. 5), John (nos. 2 and 6), and Mike (no. 3) for their assistance in creating this list.

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Rank hypocrisy

This year, as in all years since they started excluding one of the conference champions from the tournament, I am boycotting the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

That said, go Illinois!
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The hidden theme

I forgot to mention that all of last week's lists of ten things were inspired by enemies of The Flash. To wit:

Why, yes, I am a nerd!

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