April 21st, 2005

10-S, 10-D

Ten random things: April 21

Ten lakes located in Grand Teton National Park:

  1. Jackson Lake
  2. Trapper Lake
  3. Leigh Lake
  4. String Lake
  5. Surprise Lake
  6. Bradley Lake
  7. Taggart Lake
  8. Swan Lake
  9. Emma Matilda Lake
  10. Two Ocean Lake

This book was inspired, obliquely, by a book I recently finished, Mountain Betty by Hannah McCouch, which takes place in and near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The book's not that good, by the way.

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Ode to the Classics

Here's a bit of doggerel I wrote this afternoon while I was shelving in the classics section, using only those authors and titles on my cart at the time:

Kipling, Wilde, Abbott, Brontë,
Victor Hugo, Plato, Dante.
Common Sense by Thomas Paine,
Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane.

That's Edwin Abbott, by the way, author of Flatland.

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