May 1st, 2005


Arise, ye workers!

As previously noted, today is May Day, which since 1889 has been recognized around the world as International Workers Day. And that means it's time for my traditional salute to the proletariat:

Servile mases, arise!

Here in the United States, May 1 has since the 1950s been known as Loyalty Day. But the White House has yet to release a Loyalty Day proclamation this year, so maybe they've decided to set aside this particular relic of the McCarthy era. Seems unlikely, since symbolic gestures and agitprop are what the Bush administration is all about, but one never knows. And even if the White House fails to issue a proclamation, at least the VFW is on the case.
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Belated thanks

I forgot to offer thanks to my comrade caerwynx for posting a poem in my journal yesterday while I was in the woods teaching the prolitariat of tomorrow to cast off their chains, and to use a knife safely. I told her to choose a poem without worrying about whether I would have chosen it. And, mission accomplished. I liked the poem she chose very much, but I never would have thought even to look for a poem like that, much less post one. I can't say I'm surprised she did, though; I know how much she likes dead Welshmen.

Thanks again, caerwynx! You done good.
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