May 8th, 2005


Art on Sunday: Black Hawk

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Whoo, just under the wire!

This is not what I had originally intended to post today, but this sculpture popped into my head earlier this evening for some reason, so I decided to post it. This fifty-foot statue of an American Indian stands overlooking the Rock River near Oregon, Illinois, a small town about 100 miles west of Chicago. Back when I was a wee lad, I used to spend a week each summer at Stronghold, a Presbyterian Church camp located on the opposite side of the Rock River from the Black Hawk statue, and I remember being able to see it from the top of an old tower located on the grounds. (Also visible from the same tower: the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant, which was a little disturbing, given that my first visit to Stronghold came mere months after the accident at Three Mile Island.) I've also seen it from State Rt. 2, which runs along the west side of the river. I can't recall if I've ever seen it close up. I think I may have; I'm pretty sure my Boy Scout troop went camping at Lowden State Park more than once, and it's hard to imagaine that I would have gone to the park and not gone for a closer look at the statue. But who knows?

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