May 11th, 2005


Ten random things: May 11

Ten restaurants I passed on my way to work this morning:

1. Roy Rogers
2. Red Hot and Blue
3. Quizno's
4. Panera Bread Cafe
5. McDonald's
6. Sweetwater Tavern
7. Taco Bell
8. Pacific
9. Wendy's
10. That's Amore
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Every so often, the corporate office sends us instructions as to what books should be featured on endcaps and feature tables. One of our new endcaps is called, "If you loved The Da Vinci Code…" Among the books we were instructed to include on that endcap: The Da Vinci Code. Two different editions of The Da Vinci Code, to be precise: the standard hardcover, and the deluxe illustrated edition. Having the deluxe edition up there makes some sense; I've been known to buy hardcover editions of paperbacks I particularly enjoyed, so I can't fault fans of The Da Vinci Code for doing the same thing. (And to be fair, the deluxe edition is a very nice package. I'd seriously consider buying a similar edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide books.) But I don't get why they wanted us to include the standard version.
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