May 19th, 2005

10-S, 10-D

Ten random things: May 19

Ten of my favorite songs in 1988:

  1. Wax U.K., "Bridge to Your Heart"
  2. Rhythm Corps, "Common Ground"
  3. U2, "Angel of Harlem"
  4. John Cougar Mellencamp, "Check It Out"
  5. Robert Plant, "Tall Cool One"
  6. INXS, "Devil Inside"
  7. The Smithereens, "Only a Memory"
  8. Prince, "Alphabet Street"
  9. Escape Club, "Wild, Wild West"
  10. George Harrison, "When We Was Fab"

I think most of these songs have held up pretty well over the years, though "Wild, Wild West" hasn't aged well.

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