August 5th, 2005

harry potter

Pointless poll

At the very back of the U.S. edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (and perhaps at the back of the U.K. and Canadian editions as well), you'll find a diamond-shaped block of text that, among other things, tells where that particular copy of the book was printed. Mine, for example, was printed in Harrisonburg, Va. How about yours?

Poll #546363 Whence comes the Half-Blood Prince?

Where was your copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince printed?

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10-J, 10-M

Ten random things: August 5

Ten "American-owned" motels:

  1. Mountain View Motel (Spruce Pine, N.C.)
  2. A & J Motel (Camdenton, Mo.)
  3. Dutch Motel (Shartlesville, Pa.)
  4. Mecca Motel (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
  5. Belmont Motel (Seaside Heights, N.J.)
  6. Lucky Vista Motel (Campbellsville, Ky.)
  7. Oak Dale Motel (Baxley, Ga.)
  8. Countryside Inn (Hillsboro, Ill.)
  9. Sky Valley Motel (Cañon City, Colo.)
  10. Four Seasons Motel (Rapid City, S.D.)

In this context, "American-owned" means "not owned by Asians." It's sort of the modern equivalent of "no colored," in my opinion.

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