September 13th, 2005

10-P, 10-E

Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 13

Ten things to see or do in Greenland that I think Boliver would like:

  1. Explore Viking ruins in South Greenland with ace_and_sep
  2. A Greenlandic barbeque in Narsaq with allthatjazmyne
  3. Cruise the western coast with astrablue
  4. Enjoy a meal at Greenland's only Chinese restaurant with godam and greenfiary
  5. Helicopter trip to the glacier of Ilulissat with jenelope
  6. Visit the Greenland National Museum and Archives with jheaton
  7. Take a whale-watching cruise with katie_m
  8. Walk through the Blomsterdalen (Valley of Flowers) with rustydog
  9. A guided tour of Ilulissat with sneaker328
  10. Dogsled trip to see the aurora borealis with zengoalie and mistagoalie

In compiling this list, I assumed that boliver would enjoy most things if she had the opportunity to do them with her friends. That said, I did make an effort to choose activities that sounded enjoyable, or, in the case of no. 4, weird. The people with whom I paired her for the various activities are just other LJ users I know for a fact she's met and (as far as I know) liked.

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