September 15th, 2005

count, ten, 10-A

Ten random things: Reader Request Month, Day 15

Ten Phils Gordon:

  1. Phil Gordon, actor
  2. Phil Gordon, mayor of Phoenix
  3. Phil Gordon, ceramicist
  4. Phil Gordon, music educator
  5. Phil Gordon, football pundit
  6. Phil Gordon, Aboriginal liaison
  7. Phil Gordon, senior advisor
  8. Phil Gordon, Senior Fellow
  9. Phil Gordon, poker player
  10. Phil Gordon, adjunct professor

hcwoodward is a Phil Gordon fan (as is allthatjazmyne, by the way) and wanted to see him mentioned in a list. I think she was talking about the one who plays poker, but who knows, maybe she has a thing for national security analysts.

Which reminds me of a joke:

Policy Wonk: How was your trip?
Baseball fan: It was great! I got to meet Henry Aaron!
Policy Wonk: Yeah, he's a great economist.

Not that I really have room to poke fun. One time I was watching Friends, and Joey made a reference to Paul O'Neill, and I thought they were talking about the Treasury Secretary.

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