September 19th, 2005

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I've seen a lot of stupid, pointless things in my life as an award show watcher, but the live performance of the theme to Star Trek during the Emmy awards last night may very well have been the stupidest and most pointless. And that includes the time the cast of Lord of the Dance performed an Irish dance routine in tribute to the art of film editing at the Oscars a few years ago.
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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 19

Ten governors of Svalbard:

  1. Tollef Landsverk (1963–1967)
  2. Leif Eldring (1986–1991)
  3. Johannes Gerckens Bassøe (1925–1935)
  4. Håkon Balstad (1945–1956)
  5. Finn Backer Midtbøe (1960–1963)
  6. Stephen Stephensen (1967–1970)
  7. Frederik Beichmann (1970–1974)
  8. Wolmar Marlow (1935–1941)
  9. Odd Olsen Ingerø (2001–2005)
  10. Carl A. Wendt (1982–1986)

mrghoul wanted to see Svalbard mentioned in a list. Svalbard, for those of you who don't know, is a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean. It is part of the Kingdom of Norway.

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