October 24th, 2005

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Ten random things: Reader Request Month, day 54

Ten 1960s board games:

  1. The Zany Zoo Adventures Of Tennessee Tuxedo (1963)
  2. Kimbo (1960)
  3. Eye Guess (1960)
  4. Know Canada's Heroes (1967)
  5. Chit Chat (1963)
  6. Dream House (1968)
  7. Barbie Queen of the Prom Game (1963)
  8. The Journeys of St. Paul (1968)
  9. Batman (1966)
  10. The Beatles Flip Your Wig Game (1964)

I'm hard pressed to decide which game sounds more boring, the Journeys of St. Paul or Know Canada's Heroes. No offense meant to Canadians, of course.

I've actually played one of these games: Kimbo, in which you had to build walls to block and eventually capture your opponents. I remember it as being a pretty good game, though it's been a really long time since I played it.

This list was requested by selannia, and could not have been completed without fabulously comprehensive games database at boardgamegeek.com.

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