December 1st, 2005

Christmas, Advent

Advent 2005: Hope

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Today is World AIDS Day. This card is one of several designed by HIV-positive children for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation. EGPAF uses the proceeds from the sale of the cards to support their research and advocacy efforts on behalf of children with AIDS, not to mention their many international programs for the prevention and treatment of pediatric AIDS.
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Speaking of posting pictures of things every day during Advent, Scott over at Polite Dissent has just kicked off his second annual Comic Book Cover Advent Calendar. He's set up a special page just for his holiday postings (which is a heck of a good idea that I will probably steal), but I personally would recommend following his postings via his blog, which is damn good. You House fans in the audience should definitely check out his Medical Reviews of that show. (Scott is an M.D. in real life, so he knows of what he speaks.)

And David Carter of Yet Another Comics Blog is doing his second annual series of Christmas comic book covers. I have to admit that I'm not a regular reader of YACB, but I remember enjoying the covers he posted last year, so for this month at least he's going in to the regular rotation.
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