January 2nd, 2006

Christmas, Advent

Advent 2005: A happy new year

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Yesterday's heartwarming tale of dead delivery boys and blood-stained calendars appears to have struck a nerve, so in that spirit let's assume these cute little birds died from exposure to the cold and are in fact frozen in place on that branch.


So I forgot to mention the most exciting part of my trip to see boliver last week. About six miles outside of Richmond, I suffered a blowout. There I was, tooling down I-95, and all of a sudden, bang. As I pulled onto the right shoulder, I glanced in my sideview mirror and saw sparks flying from my now tire-less driver-side rear wheel. I called boliver to let her know what was going on, then carefully got out of the car to dig the donut out of my trunk and put in on the car.

Now, I'm no fan of changing tires under the best of circumstances, and this was probably as far from the best of circumstances as I'll ever find myself. Remember, the blown tire was on the driver's side, and I was on the right shoulder of an interstate highway. So as I was changing the tire, cars and trucks were rushing past me at 70 miles an hour, about two feet away from where I was working. Oh, and it was dark. It was, to coin a phrase, the kind of fun that wasn't.

Anyway, I got the tire changed and I didn't die, and I made it to boliver's dad's house without further incident. The next morning, she and I found a tire place, got some new tires, and broke them in driving back to Loudoun County. They failed to blow out, and have continued to not blow out in the days since, so props to Sears Auto Center at Regency Square Mall.
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