April 5th, 2006


Ten random things: April 5

Ten things my sister plans to do as a member of the McFarland Village Board:

  1. Encourage infill development and redevelopment in the downtown area
  2. Lead an armed invasion of Blooming Grove
  3. Expand the tax base by successfully implementing the Terminal Drive / Triangle Area Neighborhood Plan
  4. Sue McFarland, California, and McFarland, Kansas, for trademark infringement
  5. Improve parks and conservancy areas and expand recreation opportunities
  6. Establish a riverboat casino on the Yahara River
  7. Paint the oil tanks on the edge of town Carolina blue
  8. Use TIF funds to help businesses develop and redevelop in TID #3
  9. Impose a strict five-year statute of limitations on jokes about stuff you did when you were a little kid
  10. Change the village motto to, "I hate green beans!"

Luckily, the statute of limitations will not apply to me, as I am not a resident of McFarland.

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