April 10th, 2006

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Benedict the Ecumenical

An interesting article (with one of the all-time great headlines) from The New Republic looking at how Pope Benedict XVI's has not lived up to expectations during his first year in office:

Judas Priest
by Michael Sean Winters

When the College of Cardinals elected Joseph Ratzinger Pope a year ago, right-wing clerics and commentators hailed the incoming pontiff as one of their own. Neocon writer George Weigel rushed an obsequious, fawning biography into print, modestly titled God's Choice. Father Joseph Fessio SJ, the top editor at Ignatius Press, promoted his friendship with — and ideological proximity to — Ratzinger on any cable show that would have him. Father Richard John Neuhaus's online diary read, "How sweet it is." But the joke has been on them. On the issue these American Catholic conservatives seem to care about most — the fight against societal acceptance of homosexuality — Pope Benedict XVI has been far less strident than Ratzinger the cardinal, and that has sent the right-wingers into unexpected fits of apoplexy.

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Incidentally, I predicted in April of last year that Benedict would be more tolerant of liberals within the Church than people expected him to be. I attribute my keen insight into his character to the fact that we share the same birthday.


Ten random things: April 10

Ten Division III college athletic conferences:

  1. Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
  2. Midwest Conference
  3. North Eastern Athletic Conference
  4. Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
  5. Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
  6. College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
  7. Liberty League
  8. New England Football Conference
  9. Northwest Conference
  10. State University of New York Athletic Conference

The Liberty League sounds more like a super-hero team than an athletic conference to me, but what do I know?