April 13th, 2006

10-S, 10-D

Ten random things: April 13

Ten U.S. government officials from The West Wing:

  1. Secretary of Energy Gerald Deloit
  2. Rep. Pete Lein (D-Texas)
  3. Rep. Chuck Webb (R-California)
  4. Sen. Calvin Bowles (D-Kentucky)
  5. Sen. Morgan Mitchell (R-Pennsylvania)
  6. Chief Justice Roy Ashland
  7. Vice President John Hoynes
  8. Acting President Glen Allen Walken
  9. FEC Commisioner John Branford Bacon
  10. Ambassador Ken Cochran

I haven't watched The West Wing in years, but my friend Lori and I had a fun conversation this morning about the results of the recent election and who President-elect Santos will nominate to fill the Vice Presidency. Lori thinks it might be Sam Seaborn, but I dunno. Seems to me that Sam probably made more than a few enemies in the House during him time in the White House, and that they might block any attempt to make him Vice President.