April 14th, 2006

10-P, 10-E

Ten random things: April 14

Ten not-so-good Fridays:

  1. Friday, September 24, 1869: Financial panic caused by attempts by Jay Gould, James Fisk, and others to corner the gold market
  2. Friday, August 13, 2004: Riot police brutally break up a protest demonstration in Malé, capital city of the Maldives
  3. Friday, January 31, 1919: Riot in Glasgow, Scotland, over working conditions
  4. Friday, March 19, 1982: Argentina invades the Falkland Islands
  5. Friday, October 25, 1929: U.S. stock market crashes
  6. Friday, September 8, 1978: Iranian military massacres hundreds of protestors in Tehran
  7. Friday, January 13, 1939: Wildfires sweep across Australian state of Victoria, killing 71 and destroying more than a thousand buildings
  8. Friday, July 21, 1972: The Irish Republican Army explodes 21 bombs across the city of Belfast, killing 9 and seriously injuring 130 more
  9. Friday, February 9, 1945: Battle of Fordefjord, largest air battle of World War II
  10. Friday, March 27, 1964: A magnitude 9.2 earthquake hits Alaska, killing 131 people

Eight of these ten events are known as Black Friday. Let's all try to be a little more original the next time something bad happens on a Friday, OK?