May 2nd, 2006


Bad Twin

We got a new book here in the store today: Bad Twin, the "last" novel "written" by "Gary Troup" before he "disappeared" on Oceanic Flight 815. A question for those of you who, unlike me, watch Lost: is Gary Troup a character on the show? I watched a few episodes last season, and I don't remember a character by that name, but I know they've added some new characters this season.

Also, is this supposed to tie into the official continuity? We have some other Lost novels, but they're more akin to the Buffy novels, in that they're based on the show but are not part of the show's canon. I would assume that Bad Twin is canonical, if only in the sense that if asked, the Gary Troup character, assuming there is one, would say that his last book he finished before the crash was going to be called Bad Twin. But what I'm wondering is if it's more than that. Is the ISBN (140130276 or 9781401302764) the same as Hurley's lottery numbers? Does it contain a description of something that appears on the island? That sort of thing. Anyone know?