May 19th, 2006

10-P, 10-E

Ten random things: May 19

Ten people who have had asteroids named after them:

1.  C. J. Cherryh, American science fiction/fantasy writer (77185 Cherryh)
2.  Jean-Charles Cuillandre, French astronomer (17029 Cuillandre)
3.  Pavel Paluš, Slovak astronomer (24194 Paluš)
4.  Renzo Del Rosso, Italian amateur astronomer (31458 Delrosso)
5.  Philip Childs Keenan, American astronomer (10030 Philkeenan)
6.  Samantha Smith, American peace activist (3147 Samantha)
7.  Christopher J. Pritchet, Canadian physicist and astronomer (60622 Pritchet)
8.  Torahiko Terada, Japanese physicist (6514 Torahiko)
9-10.  Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, American musicians (91287 Simon-Garfunkel)
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I realized today that one of my recent lists was a repeat. I first posted a list of ten Three Investigators novels way back on April 9, 2004. Only two of the titles in the more recent list duplicated those in the first list (The Mystery of the Silver Spider and The Mystery of the Moaning Cave, if you care).

Incidentally, today's list was the 603rd list I've posted since starting this foolishness back on March 3, 2003.