May 22nd, 2006


Ten random things: May 22

Ten lists of ten random things:

  1. Ten churches at which I've attended at least one worship service
  2. The first ten songs in my WinAmp playlist this morning:
  3. Ten dactylic place names
  4. Ten musical artists I've heard perform live
  5. Ten notable alumni of Swarthmore College
  6. Ten movies other than King Kong in which Fay Wray appeared
  7. Ten characters from pre-1400 literature who were major sinners, and the sins they were guilty of
  8. Ten kinds of candy that are no longer manufactured
  9. Ten things my niece and nephew learned in school
  10. Ten mystery/crime novelists whose work I enjoy

These are all from 2004. The second one listed is the first list I ever posted.

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