May 23rd, 2006

angry raccoon

New Orleans, Eight Months Later

NEW ORLEANS -- On Friday morning, I took a cab from New Orleans International Airport to the French Quarter, and it was still obvious that the city had been hit by a hurricane.

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The essay reproduced above is by Charlie Cook, a political writer who specializes in Congressional elections. I've been reading him for over a decade, and I can't remember him ever writing about anything other than electoral politics. I have to believe him when he says that the scenes of devastation he saw in New Orleans were "the most sickening and depressing things I have ever seen," because I can't imagine anything less inspiring him to write a column as politics-free as this one.

Ten random things: May 23

Ten more lists of ten random things:

  1. Ten sixteenths
  2. Ten inexplicable omissions from The DC Comics Encyclopedia
  3. Ten Tony Award-nominated actors who have played defense attorneys on Law & Order:
  4. Ten Presbyterian Members of Congress
  5. Ten 1960s board games
  6. Ten places in the German state of Niedersachsen
  7. Ten things jheaton would never say unless really, really drunk
  8. Ten things you may not have known about the malaria epidemic in Africa
  9. Ten Doctor Who episodes
  10. Ten modern novels that feature characters from classic novels

Why, yes, I am indexing my lists. These are from 2005.

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