June 22nd, 2006

10-S, 10-D

Ten random things: June 22

Ten state parks I've been to:

  1. Moraine State Park (Pennsylvania)
  2. Berkeley Springs State Park (West Virginia)
  3. Starved Rock State Park (Illinois)
  4. Sky Meadows State Park (Virginia)
  5. Cunningham Falls State Park (Maryland)
  6. Illinois Beach State Park (Illinois)
  7. Emerald Bay State Park (California)
  8. Palisades-Kepler State Park (Iowa)
  9. Pilgrim Memorial State Park (Massachusetts)
  10. Lake MacBride State Park (Iowa)

I really wanted to avoid repeating states for this list, but alas I stalled out at eight. I suspect that I have been to state parks in at least ten states, but suspicion just isn't good enough. I demand absolute metaphysical certitude!

I might add, by the way, that Pilgrim Memorial State Park is one of the least interesting state parks I've ever been to. It's pretty much just a statue and a rock. Whee! The Mayflower II is docked there, but technically that's part of Plimouth Plantation, so as far as I'm concerned it doesn't count as being part of the park.

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