August 7th, 2006

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Ten random things: August 7

Ten Great Lakes maritime disasters:

  1. Alpena (1880)
  2. SS Carl D. Bradley (1958)
  3. Anna C. Minch (1940)
  4. SS Noronic (1949)
  5. Henry B. Smith (1913)
  6. SS Milwaukee (1929)
  7. Lady Elgin (1860)
  8. Plymouth (1913)
  9. Regina (1913)
  10. HMS Speedy (1804)

The best known Great Lakes shipwreck is, of course, that of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which went down with all hands in 1975. Those fabled gales of November did result in the sinking of three of the ships that did make the list: Henry B. Smith, Plymouth, and Regina, all of which went down in the Great Lakes Storm of 1913, the largest natural disaster to ever hit the Great Lakes.

The Noronic is unique among the ships listed above in that it didn't sink. Rather, it caught fire, killing more than 100 passengers and crew. The Milwaukee sank twice, though, so I guess that makes up for it. (The date listed is for the second sinking, which resulted in the loss of the ship; the earlier one occurred in dock, where it was easily salvageable.)