August 25th, 2006

10-P, 10-E

Ten random things: August 25

Ten fictional marsupials:

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Lots of images behind the cuts. A quick word about some of the more obscure characters here. Fatso the Fat Arsed Wombat was an unofficial mascot of the 2000 Summer Olympics, featured on the Australian Channel Seven TV show The Dream with Roy and HG. Frank and Buster Koala are the Koala Brothers, eponymous stars of an Australian children's show broadcast here in the states on the Disney Channel and ABC Kids. Rocko is a wallaby, and star of Rocko's Modern Life, a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon in the mid-90s. Pinstripe Potoroo is a villain boss character from the Crash Bandicoot series of video games.

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It's JHeaton!


Well, September is just a few days away, which means that it's almost time for my third annual Reader Request Month. For the benefit of those who came in late, here's how it works. You suggest something that you'd like to see mentioned in a list; I put it in a list. Pretty simple.

Now, last year things got a little out of hand. I had so many requests that I barely had enough time to fulfill all the requests before it was time for me to start my annual Advent project. Therefore, this year I'm asking you to limit yourself to two requests. Terribly unfair, I know, but what are you gonna do.

Last year, in order to get through all the requests in time, I fulfilled some of the requests as art posts or poetry posts. That made for an entertaining change of pace, so may do so again this year. That said, I don't want to do an art or poetry post if your heart is set on seeing your request appear in a list, so choose the appropriate option below.

Finally, the poll below will only work for LiveJournal members. If you're not a member of LJ, please feel free to post your requests in a comment. Go for it!

Poll #807022 Third annual Reader Request Month

I'd like to see this mentioned in a list

And maybe this too

Would you be willing to have your request fulfilled as an art or poetry post?

You bet
No way
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